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DESTRUCTION release single “Repent Your Sins”

Photo credit: Gyula Havancsák


This Friday, April 8, DESTRUCTION’s 40th anniversary full-length, Diabolical is being released. on Napalm Records. In celebration the new single Repent Your Sins is now released. 

Watch Repent Your Sins below.

DESTRUCTION singer/bassist SCHMIER about the new video:

„The music & the song itself, shows the more groovy part of the new record, I love the diminished riff and the way Randy grinds the beat into your head! This will be an awesome LIVE track for sure! The lyrics of “Repent dour Sins” are about the history of abuse in the catholic church!  A rather tragic and sad part of human history, that is still covered by our governments. It seems the laws that count for all of us, do not apply for servants of the church. UNREAL INJUSTICE!“

“The video itself tries to show the soul torment of the culprit. To live with your dirty deeds but pray about love and kindness can not be justified and needs to be accused, named, remembered and wiped out!”

Watch the previously released video for “Diabolical” below.

DESTRUCTION guitarist Martin Furia states about the new record: “‘Diabolical’ is an album of extremes. Everything is more brutal and more technical but at the same time more melodic and to the point. It’s a pure and devastating DESTRUCTION album with no gimmicks, full of power and adrenaline. I’m excited for what the future is bringing and can’t wait to play the new songs live.”

“Diabolical” will be available in various formats in different territories, including a digital album and CD (bundled with a t-shirt and an exclusive “Mad Butcher” bust), 1LP gatefold editions in black, crystal clear, marbled yellow/red and silver.

This past August, DESTRUCTION officially parted ways with founding guitarist Michael “Mike” Sifringer and replaced him with Furia. The Argentinian-born, Belgian-based Furia is best known for his work as sound engineer and producer for such bands as NERVOSA and EVIL INVADERS.

Sifringer was the only member of DESTRUCTION to have remained constant throughout the band’s career. Schmier appeared on DESTRUCTION‘s first three albums before exiting the band and being replaced by POLTERGEIST vocalist André GriederAndré‘s sole recorded appearance with DESTRUCTION was on the “Cracked Brain” album, which came out in 1990. Schmier rejoined DESTRUCTION in 1999.

DESTRUCTION‘s last studio album, “Born To Perish”, was released in August 2019 via Nuclear Blast. The disc was DESTRUCTION‘s first to feature Randy Black on drums and second guitarist Damir Eskić.

Damir is a Swiss guitar player of Bosnian decent who works as a guitar teacher, himself being a former pupil of Tommy Vetterli (CORONER). He also plays in a heavy metal band called GOMORRA and previously contributed three solos to DESTRUCTION‘s 2016 album “Under Attack”.


Schmier – Bass, Vocals
Martin Furia – Guitars
Randy Black – Drums
Damir Eskić – Guitars

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