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ddrum Unveils Dominion Standard 5-Piece Shell Packs

Dominion Standard 5-Piece


ddrum Unveils Dominion Standard 5-Piece Shell Packs

American drum company ddrum introduces the Dominion Standard Shell Packs, the latest addition to the resurrected 2020 Dominion Series. These four Dominion Standard kits, each in the popular 5-piece configuration, offer newly introduced birch shells and four high-quality PVC finish options. The Dominion Standard Shell Packs offer something for every player, regardless of playing style or experience level.

Whereas ddrum’s previous Dominion Series explored the tones of maple and ash, the resurrected 2020 kits use birch wood, which is praised for its versatility and which has proven to sound great in both studio and live applications with minimal EQ adjustment. The Dominion Standard Shell Packs marry this new sound with throwback looks, including four finishes: Brushed Blue, Midnight Black, Red Sparkle, and Silver Sparkle.

Extra touches on the Dominion Standard Shell Packs include a matching snare drum for an extra pop; an integrated 3-point tom suspension system for secure support; 2.3 mm triple-flange diecast hoops, including on the snare; and a full suite of Remo heads with pinstripes for the toms, a reverse dot on the snare, and a clear Powerstroke® P3 bass drum head with a resonant side and a 10-lug batter for a deep kick aesthetic. Classic Dominion-style box lugs and chrome hardware provide stability and help to ensure excellent tone.

Each Dominion Standard Shell Pack is comprised of 8’’x10’’ and 9’’x12’’ toms (6-ply), a 14’’x16’’ floor tom (6-ply), 18’’x22’’ bass drum (8-ply), and 7’’x13’’ snare drum (8-ply).

The Dominion Standard Shell Pack includes the 5-piece shell pack only at a street price of $599; cymbals and supporting hardware are sold separately.

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