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CRESCENT announce new album 'Carving the Fires of Akhet’


Cairo’s CRESCENT announce their new album, the follow-up to  “The Order of Amenti”, from 2018. The new album will be called “‘Carving the Fires of Akhet’ and will be out on French label Listenable Records

Ismaeel Attallah:
It conveys in all its aspects a powerful meaning that is of important value to the band . The album title acts as the thread that holds all tracks together. The Fires of Akhet represents the great divine will that was carved into humanity’s history and future. A value that brought nations to their apex and brought others to their knees, and the cycle goes on.

Musically, it does not try to repeat what we have already achieved, especially in ‘The Order of Amenti’. We challenged ourselves and raised our fire higher by crossing many borders beyond what is simply expected of us. It manifests CRESCENT ‘s growing identity and beyond, starting a new era for the band.

The artwork is inspired by one of the most ancient relics of Egypt, one which had and still has a huge influence on the narrative of its history. We are sure fanatics of Ancient Egypt will be able to recognize it. We wanted to bring it to life and reflect every inspiring tale of it through recreating it in a Baroque style art. Khaos Diktator created a massive piece of art, translating our vision into reality by achieving exactly what we were looking for and even more! This piece of art is a monolith to be proud of.

“Carving the Fires of Akhet’ is scheduled for a late Spring release and its tracklisting is:
1 – The Fires of Akhet
2 – Moot Set Waas
3 – Serpent of Avaris
4 – Neb-Pehti-Ra
5 – Imprecations upon Thy Flame
6 – Drowned in Theban Blood
7 – Crimson Descension
8 – As Nu Enshrines Death

Bonus tracks:
9 – Dreamland (’99 revamp)
10 – Xeper-I-Set (Dissection cover)
11 – …For Victory (Bolt Thrower cover)

Artwork by Khaos Diktator Design

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