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The Iron Maidens guitarist COURTNEY COX joins live tour BURNING WITCHES as replacement Larissa Ernst


Larissa Ernst, of Swiss/Dutch all-female heavy metal outfit BURNING WITCHES will sit out the coming tour dates because of a maternity leave. Filling in for her is the legendary The Iron Maidens axe woman Courtney Cox

Says BURNING WITCHES on Instagram:

First of all, congrats to our shredder Larissa, she is expecting a baby this Summer. So all the best for this special time of your life sister!

Yes, this came very unexpected and in the middle of the new album but that is life, the show must go on! We were looking for the BEST solution possible until Larissa is back from her maternity leave and we wanna introduce our good friend and fantastic guitar player Courtney Cox (IRON MAIDENS) as her replacement. We are super thrilled she will be playing with us all the upcoming shows and you can see her shred already in the next WITCHES video.

Larissa explains:

“Dear fans, friends, metalheads, due to my motherhood I will not be regularly playing on stage for some time. I am very thankful, that my desire to have children got fulfilled, but I am missing my witch-sisters and you all already. I am glad that we found a good solution for the meantime and want to say thank you to my girls for their flexibility and love, to Courtney for playing the upcoming shows, to our amazing fans, label, supporters and to everybody involved!

I am looking forward to seeing you all at future BURNING WITCHES shows, stay metal!!!”

Mrs Cox adds:

“ Where do I even begin..
I have been friends with the mighty WITCHES for a long time now and to be able to lend my guitar to their mighty coven is beyond an honor for me. To Larissa, I hope I make you proud. READY TO FIGHT! Love CC “

The next single/video is being released via @napalmrecordsofficial on March 30th – stay tuned!

Watch the recently released video for “The Dark Tower” below.

BURNING WITCHES comments: “Wow, that was quick, right? Album No. 5 is already done and we are back with the brand-new single ‘The Dark Tower’. The title track of the new record will fit perfectly into our set list with its relentless beat, the truly epic riffs and the striking but melodic vocals!

“The theme of Elizabeth Bathory and her infamous ‘blood countess’ reputation was a fantastic inspiration for a breathtaking video clip. We all could relate to the story and its creepy saga and knew from the beginning it would be a new highlight in the WITCHES history!

“Last but not least, we want to thank the fans that supported us here and played the extras, in this very emotional and creepy little ride! Enjoy the clip!”

“The Dark Tower” track listing:
01. Rise Of Darkness
02. Unleash The Beast
03. Renegade
04. Evil Witch
05. World On Fire
06. Tomorrow
07. House Of Blood
08. The Dark Tower
09. Heart Of Ice
10. Arrow Of Time
11. Doomed To Die
12. Into The Unknown
13. The Lost Souls


Laura Guldemond – Vocals
Romana Kalkuhl – Guitars
Larissa Ernst – Guitars
Jeanine Grob – Bass
Lala Frischknecht – Drums

BURNING WITCHES‘ first live performance with Guldemond took place in June 2019 at the Sweden Rock Festival in Sölvesborg, Sweden.

The vocalist of the Dutch symphonic metal band SHADOWRISEGuldemond was recruited by BURNING WITCHES following the departure of Seraina Telli.

In a 2021 interview with Femme Metal WebzineGuldemond stated about how she joined BURNING WITCHES: “Since the previous guitarist of BURNING WITCHES was already an acquaintance of mine, when they were looking for a new singer, she proposed it to me because I know that I would fit the band. You know, I have the voice, I love the old-school metal and I was already having the same style. In the end, it felt like a natural match. Then I sent a couple of recordings and submitted them for my audition.”

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