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Angelina release single "The Devil Inside of Me”

Album, '666', out December 1, 2023

[Photo Credit: Raquel Garcia]


Femme 80s glam metal unit COBRA SPELL are back for more – revealing their second single “The Devil Inside of Me”. After releasing a smoking hot music video for their first single, “S.E.X.”, that reached 100k views in no time, the quintet lures with another temptation, both visually and musically. The songwriting skills of up-and-coming guitar phenomenon and founding member Sonia Anubis (ex-CRYPTA, ex-BURNING WITCHES) shine on this catchy future hit, proving that the highly promising band has reached a whole new level on their upcoming debut album, 666, out December 1, 2023 via Napalm Records.

Watch The Devil Inside of Me” below.

Sonia Anubis on “The Devil Inside of Me”:
“‘The Devil Inside of Me’ speaks about how a girl leaves aside a life oppressed by a religious upbringing. She decides to follow her own path by doing what really makes her happy in life, which is translated in passions that are not common in religious environments. Her family sees it as being troubled & lost – when in reality, she is just living her life freely as she is meant to. She owns her life. Her family distances themselves from her due to her choices. Sometimes, living a free life has a painfully expensive price.”

Watch the previously released S.E.X. below

“Unleash the power of our upcoming album, ‘666’ – an album that defines convention and rebels against the limitations imposed on us, women. This is a sonic journey that embraces the devil’s number as a symbol of personal autonomy and freedom. ‘666’ is not just music; it’s an act of rebellion against gender inequality, a scream for freedom of expression, and a fight to destigmatize sexual expression for women. Join us in this unapologetic quest for equality and empowerment.”
666 Tracklist:
1.   666
2.   S.E.X.
3.   Satan is a Woman
4.   Hotline 666
5.   Bad Girl Crew
6.   The Devil Inside of Me
7.   Fly Away
8.   Love = Love
9.   Love Crime
10. Warrior From Hell
11. You’re a Cheater
12. High on Love
666 will be available in the following formats:
Digisleeve + Shirt
Solid Red Vinyl  
Black Vinyl
Digital Album    

04.11.2023 NL – Holland Heavy Festival 2023
23.04.2024 ES – Barcelona / Sala Upload
24.04.2024 ES – Zaragoza / Sala Utopía
25.04.2024 ES – Valencia / Sala Peter Rock
26.04.2024 ES – Madrid / Sala Rockville
27.04.2024 ES – Valladolid / Sala Porta Caeli
28.04.2024 ES – Oviedo / Sala Gong
29.04.2024 ES – Santander / Sala Rock Beer The New
30.04.2024 ES – Bilbao / Sala Rocket

Sonia Anubis – Guitars, Synthesizers
Noelle dos Anjos – Guitars
Kristina Vega – Lead vocals
Hale Naphtha – Drums
Roxy Herrera – Bass

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