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CIARI GUITARS introduces the Ascender™ P90 Solo™ professional-grade, full-sized folding electric guitar


NASHVILLE, Tenn.— Ciari Guitars introduces the Ascender™ P90 Solo™, the latest addition to the manufacturer’s line of professional-grade, full-sized folding guitars. Combining award-winning design with expert Nashville-craftsmanship, the Ascender P90 Solo breaks new ground by offering an OEM-exclusive Seymour Duncan® P90 bridge pickup. With its patented compact, foldable design and unique sonic character, the Ascender P90 Solo is the ideal travel companion for the modern musician who demands precision, portability, and most of all, performance.

The Ascender P90 Solo embraces an asymmetric, surf-forward, satin basswood body style, available in five eye-catching colors: Black, White, Sea Foam Green, Red, and Blue. The full-sized design offers a 24 3/4-inch scale length and 1.7-inch nut width. The resonant mahogany neck has an ebony fingerboard with 22 medium-jumbo frets. In coordination with Glaser Instruments in Nashville, Ciari Guitars uses Plek machining technology to plane the fingerboards and dress the frets, ensuring ideal action and playability. The Ascender P90 Solo features a distinctive and stylish pickguard, which was created by Nick Drushel, Manager at Glaser Instruments, who also specializes in guitar and product design.

Each Ascender P90 Solo has a Tune-o-Matic Roller Bridge designed to ensure a smooth string path and tuning stability. The 3+3 headstock offers custom Ciari locking tuners, which play an important role in the manufacturer’s patented folding system. When it’s time to hit the road, players engage the system, which combines an aircraft-grade mid-neck hinge, a translating locking strut to selectively immobilize the hinge, and a floating tailpiece to selectively tighten and loosen the strings. This system enables the Ascender P90 Solo to fold in half symmetrically for a folded length of 18.5 inches. While folded, the elegant string management keeps the strings in place and under light tension, while the custom locking tuners ensure everything stays crisp and in tune when unfolded for play.

Available only to Seymour Duncan OEM customers like Ciari Guitars, the P90 Solo bridge pickup offers the brightness and clarity of a single-coil, but with the mid-range punch of a humbucker. It’s a dog-ear model with a single conductor and braided and shielded wire boasting Alnico 2 magnets, an output of 9K DCR, and a black cover. The pickup controls are simple and effective, with master tone and volume electronics.

The Ascender P90 Solo weighs approximately 7 lbs. 3 ounces and, when folded, boasts a folded length of 18.5 inches for the ultimate in stress-free travel convenience. The Ascender P90 Solo comes with a stylish quilted Ciari Gig Bag.  A durable personal item-sized Ciari Backpack is sold separately.

Compact, fully portable, and packing a huge sound with unparalleled tone, the Ascender P90 Solo is a great solution and a professional-grade instrument for musicians who want the best of both worlds and won’t settle for less.

MSRP $1,599. A left-handed option is available at no extra charge.

About Ciari Guitars Ciari Guitars was born out of Founder and CEO Jonathan Spangler’s passion for music and his desire to create a solution for traveling musicians. Made by musicians for musicians, Ciari Guitars offers premium-quality folding guitars that are easy to transport and ready for any gig. Learn more at www.ciariguitars.com.