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CANINUS COLLARS release licensed band collars for your pets


Caninus Collars has released a line of licensed band collars for your pets. 

“For anybody who is currently curating a holiday gifting list, these accessories are not only badass, but some of the most thoughtful pieces of merchandise music fans may ever purchase. Perfect for pet owners, pet aunts or uncles and music lovers everywhere, it is time to fully welcome our four-legged friends to show off their impeccable music tastes. Caninus is fun, it’s easy, and is a fresh way for your pet friends to enter 2024“.

Fans can find, own, or gift out some of the most precious-yet-rebellious pet accessories, licensed by such bands as DESCENDENTSDROPKICK MURPHYSCANNIBAL CORPSEBAD RELIGION and even the MISFITS.

Check out the full list of artists who are ready to dress the animals in your life here.

From musician and business owner Rachel Rosen, enter Caninus Collars, which was named in honor of Rosen‘s 2003 New York City grindcore band CANINUS, which featured two female vocalists, Basil and Budgie, a pair of beloved pitbull terriers. CANINUS had three successful albums, including a split seven-inch single with CATTLE DECAPITATION in 2005. Upon the passing of Basil in 2011 and Budgie in 2016, the band was put on hold, but the ethos remains; our dogs (and cats) make for some of our very best friends, hence Rachel‘s dive into Caninus Collars.

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