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BRUCE DICKINSON talks to former British Army soldier in sixth episode of 'Psycho Schizo Espresso' podcast


The sixth episode of “Psycho Schizo Espresso”, a brand new podcast from IRON MAIDEN‘s Bruce Dickinson and Oxford University psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Kevin Dutton, has just been launched across all podcast platforms.

Check it out below.

In this episode, Dutton and Dickinson chat to Andy McNab, the pen name of Steven Billy Mitchell, a former British Army soldier who has authored a plethora of fiction and non-fiction books and is a diagnosed “good” psychopath, about the unique mindset of special forces operatives, discuss what it takes to work undercover in highly volatile and suicidally dangerous war zones and how being a psychopath can definitely help. Kev and Bruce also delve deeper into Andy‘s psychopathic tendencies and hear how a trip to the pub one afternoon almost resulted in “a level of physical violence you never knew existed”; how Andy once met himself chatting up a couple of girls at a literary festival (and was delighted to observe himself doing rather well!); and how, in recent years, his ability to empathize with others has received a boost from a rather unusual source… emojis!

You can listen to “Psycho Schizo Espresso” wherever you get your podcasts, and the show is also available in Vodcast form on YouTube. Head to this location to find the podcast on your favorite platform.

Official podcast description: “If psychology was a country, then it would be the world’s top tourist destination bar none. It’s an enchanted territory with something for everyone: from aliens to drug lords, from serial killers to conspiracy theories. Join intellectual explorers Bruce Dickinson and Dr. Kevin Dutton for an Indiana Jones style adventure through some of its most far-flung corners as they delve into the psyches of rock icons, sporting superstars, and special forces soldiers and get the latest tips and insights from some of the most respected thought leaders and brain scientists on the planet. If you’ve ever wondered whether psychopaths like Hannibal Lecter and Patrick Bateman really exist outside the imaginations of Hollywood screenwriters and film directors, why ghosts only seem to appear at night, and about the true meaning of the Book of Revelation’s most enduring and enigmatic mystery — 666, the number of the beast — then welcome aboard Flight Psycho Schizo Espresso and observe the ‘fasten seatbelt’ sign!”

Dutton explained how the idea for the podcast came about: “Not long after meeting Bruce, it became instantly clear to me that we shared a number of wide-reaching interests and that we should channel that into a podcast. ‘Psycho Schizo Espresso’ is certainly a journey of exploration for the both of us, and we are sure our listeners are going to learn a lot from our guests. Whether from the music industry, academia or elsewhere — you may, for instance, share our interest in psychopaths, both good and bad — this is certainly a podcast that we feel everyone will enjoy and should go and subscribe to straight away.”

IRON MAIDEN released their 17th studio album ‘Senjutsu’ in September 2021. 

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