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BRUCE DICKINSON physically removes fan from stage at Anaheim concert


Video footage of IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson physically removing a fan from the stage during the band’s concert in Anaheim, California is now available.

The incident took place on September 22 during the closing song of the show, “Aces High”, at the Honda Center. After the aforementioned backwards-cap-wearing fan made his way to the left side of the stage, he dropped down to his right knee and excitedly flashed the devil’s horns hand gesture at both guitarist Janick Gers and Dickinson, neither of whom appeared to be thrilled about the stage breach. Bruce then motioned for the fan to come off before grabbing him by his hand and attempting to bring him to the back of the stage. However, the fan apparently had other ideas and proceeded to walk forward toward the center of the stage near where bassist Steve Harris was standing, at which point he removed his cap and began furiously headbanging for the entire crowd to see. This prompted a visibly irate Dickinson to grab him by the back of shirt and forcibly drag him to the back of the stage where he was escorted off by the MAIDEN stage security.

Dickinson has a history of publicly admonishing fans and security at MAIDEN‘s concert if he feels like they are out of line. In July, the singer made headlines when he blasted a MAIDEN fan as a “Greek cunt” and a “fucking cocksucker” for lighting a flare during the band’s concert in Athens, Greece. Back in 2019, he stopped a MAIDEN show midway through to slam a Tacoma, Washington venue for a violent and bloody incident in the crowd for which he claimed the venue’s security was to blame. In 2012, Bruce called out a fan at a Indianapolis show who had been texting for three straight songs.

Prior to the kick-off concert of the 2022 leg of MAIDEN‘s “Legacy Of The Beast” tour on May 22 in Zagreb, Croatia, the band hadn’t performed live in two and a half years — since the completion of its South American tour in October 2019.

MAIDEN is continuing to tour in support of its latest album, “Senjutsu”, which came out in September 2021. It marks MAIDEN‘s second consecutive double album behind 2015’s “The Book Of Souls” which is the longest MAIDEN album, with a running time of 92 minutes.

IRON MAIDEN‘s first album in six years, “Senjutsu” was recorded in 2019 in Paris with longstanding producer Kevin Shirley and co-produced by bassist Steve Harris. It features three tracks whose running time exceeds 10 minutes each.

IRON MAIDEN recently announced the “FuturePast Euopean tour”

IRON MAIDEN released it’s latest album ‘Senjutsu’ in September 2021 on Warner Music. 

The full track listing is:

01. Senjutsu (8:20) (Smith/Harris)
02. Stratego (4:59) (Gers/Harris)
03. The Writing On The Wall (6:13) (Smith/Dickinson)
04. Lost In A Lost World (9:31) (Harris)
05. Days Of Future Past (4:03) (Smith/Dickinson)
06. The Time Machine (7:09) (Gers/Harris)
07. Darkest Hour (7:20) (Smith/Dickinson)
08. Death Of The Celts (10:20) (Harris)
09. The Parchment (12:39) (Harris)
10. Hell On Earth (11:19) (Harris)

“Senjutsu” was released on the following formats and available to order/save at www.ironmaiden.com:

* Standard 2CD Digipak
* Deluxe 2CD Book Format
* Deluxe heavyweight 180G Triple Black Vinyl
* Special Edition Triple Silver And Black Marble Vinyl (Details to follow)
* Special Edition Triple Red and Black Marble Vinyl (Details to follow)
* Super Deluxe Boxset featuring CD, Blu Ray and Exclusive Memorabilia
* Digital album [streaming and download]

IRON MAIDEN hadn’t released any fresh music since 2015’s “The Book Of Souls” LP, which was recorded in late 2014 in Paris, France with Shirley.

“The Book Of Souls” was the longest MAIDEN album, clocking in at 92 minutes, with lyrics heavily based in the themes of death, reincarnation, the soul and mortality.

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