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AVULSED announce Jorge Utrera as their new drummer


AVULSED announce Jorge Utrera as their new drummer

AVULSED announce the departure of their drummer Rafael Aritmendi and announce Jorge Utrera (Holycide) as their new drummer. Rafael Aritmendi was in the stool for Avulsed for only 15 months and had to quit due to other obligations.

Here’s the official statement issued by AVULSED announcing their new drummer:
The drummer’s curse continues in AVULSED and just 15 months after Rafael Aritmendi’s incorporation, he announced that he was leaving the band upon returning from the show in Bucharest (Romania), alleging incompatibilities with his studies, which would prevent him from being able to compromise thoroughly with the band. It was completely unexpected news, but we understand his reasons and we can only thank him for his time in the band and to wish him the best in his future projects in life.

And without wasting a minute, we got in touch with our first option: Jorge Utrera, drummer in HOLYCIDE, the band where our vocalist Dave Rotten also plays. Casually, Jorge played two shows with AVULSED last December, replacing Rafael due to tendinitis problems that prevented him from playing. In these two shows, Jorge proved not only to be an excellent drummer with technical skills that adapt perfectly to the needs of the band, but also an excellent person, whom we have also known for 6 years, and his integration in the band will be immediate.

Thus, Jorge Utrera is already, officially, the new drummer of AVULSED, who will immediately get down to work with the repertoire for live shows, but also the new songs that we are writing for the new album that we hope to be able to record in late 2020 or early 2021“.

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