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Watch: ARCH ENEMY's Alissa White-Gluz delivers opening speech At 'Animal Liberation March' in New York City


ARCH ENEMY frontwoman and animal rights activist Alissa White-Gluz delivered the opening speech at the “Animal Liberation March” in New York City on Saturday, September 2. A short video of her speech has been made available.

Watch her speech below.

The “Animal Liberation March” was designed to unite the vegan community, educate spread the vegan message, inspire, celebrate victories, get active for oppressed animals and, most of all, accelerate animal liberation.

A short time after the event, Alissa took to her social media to share a few photos from yesterday’s “Animal Liberation March”, and she included the following message: “Extremely inspiring and powerful day. Legend #JamesCromwell spoke so eloquently I was brought to tears. We held a eulogy for #Tokitae . My music video for A Song To Save Us All was played on huge LED walls in front of the historic Flatiron building in #NYC across from Madison Square Park. I delivered the opening speech and so many talented and inspiring speakers, activists and artists followed. We did great work today. More photos and videos to come!”

In late June, during this year’s Tuska festival in Helsinki, Finland, Alissa was asked by Kiki of the “Bleeding Metal” podcast if her activism is part of her identity. Alissa responded: “Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I am an activist before I’m a musician even. That’s really what drives me forward every single day, is hoping that in some way my existence on this planet can make it a little bit better for everybody else who is currently existing on the planet and who will exist in the future. And that’s first and foremost animal rights.”

Asked if she would describe that as her purpose in life then even, Alissa said: “I don’t know if people have, like, a purpose in life. I think it’s nice to think that we do. I don’t really know if we actually do. I think someone’s purpose in life can just be whatever they attach themselves to — you know, whatever drives them forward. It doesn’t have to be some big grandiose thing. But with that definition, then yes, I would say that it’s my purpose. Yeah.”

As for what her activism entails, Alissa said: “For me, I mean, I don’t look at it as a job or something that I can really detail out because if I did, I would do that and not this. So it’s really just… Deep down inside, I love animals. I think it’s amazing that we share this planet with so many different, uncountable species in the sky, in the water, on land, these amazing creatures. They look different than us. They have different abilities than us. I mean, a fish can just live underwater; we would drown. You know what I mean? Like, just even simple things like this. A bird just flies. They just jump off a building and then fly. I still have this childlike awe over animals that can do this. And I think it’s so sad that we have built an industry that doesn’t care about that and actually only cares about profiting off of exploiting animals. And so as much as possible, I like to just show people that you don’t have to take part in those industries. You can actually still have all the things that you wanna have in life — everything that you like; your food, your makeup, your whatever — you can still have all those things without involving animals at all. And now, actually, I’ve been more and more involved in the tech space when it comes to this. So there’s some really cool innovations happening in the tech space when it comes to the future of food and also just reducing animal testing.”

Last year, during a question-and-answer session at the Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany, White-Gluz was asked if it’s difficult for her to maintain her lifestyle while she is on tour. She responded: “It super easy, actually, because I still party; I just don’t intoxicate myself when I do it. But if other people wanna do that, that’s their choice — it’s up to them. Smoking, I’d like them to stay away ’cause I don’t wanna breathe that in. But otherwise, it’s really, really easy, actually. It’s not even something that I think about. And actually, we have… In our tour bus, in our band and crew, I’m not the only sober one and I’m not the only vegan either, so I’m surrounded by a lot of different kinds of people and we all get along beautifully.”

Two years earlier, White-Gluz explained why being vegan is definitely metal, telling the Mercy For Animals Facebook page: “So, I’ve been vegan for over 20 years now. I was vegan before I ever started in music. I’ve never eaten meat in my life. I grew up in a completely vegetarian household, so going vegan was just like the logical next step. And when I started doing music, there was nothing that I wanted to talk about more than animal rights. And so I was now using this heavy, passionate form of music to sort of convey a message that I wanted to. When I’m screaming in my band, I feel like I’m screaming for the voiceless. And I can’t imagine being that loud if I had nothing to say.

“Being female, being vegan and also being straight edge in the metal world is just a combination of targets on my forehead that make it really easy for me to get singled out or pushed around,” she continued. “But those are just things that are so much a part of who I am that I couldn’t change them even if I wanted to. And I wouldn’t — I wouldn’t change for anyone.

“In my opinion, metal is all about rebellion — it’s about carving your own path, thinking against what everyone’s trying to make you think,” Alissa added. “And veganism is the ultimate form of rebellion, because you are literally taking things that people have told you are normal that deep down inside you don’t think are normal that you’ve been conditioned to accept about your day-to-day tasks, like eating or what you wear or what you choose to buy. Everyone says that that’s normal, that you need to exploit other living beings for those things, but you don’t. And so taking a stand against that is what veganism is. And that is really metal.”

Earlier this year, White-Gluz participated in a PETA campaign. She posed as a mermaid, stuck in a fishing net.

After releasing their latest record “Deceivers” last year , ARCH ENEMY have recently returned with a new video for the track “Poisoned Arrow”. The clip was produced by Mirko Witzki of Witzki Visions.

Watch “Poisoned Arrow” below.

ARCH ENEMY guitarist Michael Amott comments: “I almost can’t believe we’re releasing a seventh (!) video off our recent ‘Deceivers’ album. Yet here it is, ‘Poisoned Arrow’, a mid-tempo track drenched in melodic guitar work and a somewhat different vibe overall compared to the other singles we’ve had out.

“The video was shot in Berlin, Germany during a hectic whirlwind schedule with director Mirko Witzki and his talented crew — they even made it snow in the middle of the sweltering German summer heat!

“Here’s another Deutschland connection for you; our German friend Raphy played the beautiful cello part on the intro and outro of the song, thanks again mate!

“2023 is upon us and ARCH ENEMY is back on the road again, we launch the proceedings in New Zealand, Australia and Japan and have a big European summer run too. Who knows where we’ll go after that…but for now, check out ‘Poisoned Arrow’!”

Watch the previously released “The Watcher” below.

Also watch the previously released official music video for “Sunset Over The Empire”, directed by Grupa13 and “Handshake With Hell” below.

Also watch the previously released “House Of Mirrors” and “Deceiver, Deceiver” below. 

Fans can order Deceivers AT THIS LOCATION – where the album is available in the following formats:

Digital AlbumSpecial Edition CDeco-friendly packaging incl. 16-page booklet

Ltd. Deluxe 2LP+CD Artbook

hand-numbered limited edition with noble hot foil stampingLP1: multi-colored vinyl (each design is unique)LP2: picture vinyl with two bonus tracks & zoetrope effectCD: album + two bonus tracks12” Artbook with 36-pages booklet incl. liner-notes and art print
Ltd. Deluxe CD Box SetDVD-sized clamshell box with noble hot foil stampingCD in eco-friendly packaging with two bonus tracks32-page DIN A5 booklet incl. liner-notesTote Bag Metal Pin
Ltd. Black & colored 180g LPincl. 8-page booklet + Obi-Strip

“Deceivers” track listing:

01. Handshake With Hell
02. Deceiver, Deceiver
03. In The Eye Of The Storm
04. The Watcher
05. Poisoned Arrow
06. Sunset Over The Empire
07. House Of Mirrors
08. Spreading Black Wings
09. Mourning Star
10. One Last Time
11. Exiled From Earth

In January 2019, ARCH ENEMY released a compilation, “Covered In Blood”, of all cover songs the band has recorded throughout its career.

Arch Enemy line-up:
Alissa White-Gluz – Vocals
Michael Amott – Guitars
Jeff Loomis – Guitars
Sharlee D’Angelo – Bass
Daniel Erlandsson – Drums

Album artwork by: Alex Reisfar

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