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Aetherial release video for 'It's Only Blood'


Aetherial release video for ‘It’s Only Blood’

Australian indedendant death metal duo Ætherial released a new single for “It’s Only Blood”. The single is accompanied by a video and taken from their forthcoming album “Nameless Horrors” out October 23. the album will be self-released.

Watch “It’s Only Blood” below.

Vocalist Shep Sheppard on the single:
“Essentially it’s about being so betrayed that it pushes one to give absolutely anything to exact revenge. It looks at how we often surrender the very things that make us human, dismissing them as trivial at the time without weighing up the actual cost.”

the album is recorded by Aetherial, Mixed by Asher Ally & Mastered by Ermin Hamidovic.

It’s Only Blood is available from the Aetherial website and all good online music stores as well as streaming on Spotify.

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