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WITHERED + Paul Romano Reveal Behind-The-Scenes Artwork Video via Heaviest of Art


Artist Paul Romano (MASTODON, HATE ETERNAL, etc.) has partnered with Heaviest of Art to give a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the unique album art for WITHERED‘s upcoming album, ‘Verloren!’ Both Romano and WITHERED vocalist/guitarist Mike Thompson give in-depth interviews about the concept, working together, and more in this detailed article, which is accompanied by an exclusive video clip and photos.

Watch the footage below.

WITHERED has also recently released the first track from the record along with a disturbing music video “By Tooth in Tongue”.

Watch “By Tooth in Tongue” below.

‘Verloren’ is going to be released on June 25 via Season of Mist Underground Activists. The album can be pre-ordered AT THIS LOCATION

1. By Tooth In Tongue (8:22)
2. The Predation (6:55)
3. Dissolve (4:33)
4. Casting In Wait (5:29)
5. Passing Through… (2:37)
6. …The Long Hurt (3:55)
7. Verloren (4:29)

8. From Ashen Shores (8:21)
Total: 44:41

 Beau Brandon – Drums
 Dan Caycedo – Vocals, Guitars
 Rafay Nabeel – Bass Guitar
 Mike Thompson – Vocals, Guitar

Guest Musicians:
Ethan McCarthy (Primitive Man) on “Passing through…” which is a noise track done under his “Many Blessings” nomenclature using field recordings Mike Thompson made at a family funeral.

Available formats
CD Digipak
Vinyl in various colours

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