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WHITE STONES „Kuarahy“ album is out now, new video 'Rusty Shell' released


WHITE STONES „Kuarahy“ album is out now, new video ‘Rusty Shell’ released

Today, WHITE STONES, the solo death metal project of Martin Mendez, bassist of OPETH, release their debut album named “Kuarahy” (pronounced Kwa-Ra-Hee). In addition, they also reveal a new video for the song ‘Rusty Shell’.

Watch the video here:

Martin Mendez comments:
In this lyric I tried to empathize with the female role in society. Throughout history, women have had to adapt their roles in society according to the geographical and social situation. It’s a reflection on humanity , where the top dream would be a fairer place for everyone.

“Kuarahy” is available on CD, LP and digitally.
Get your copy AT THIS LOCATION.

“Kuarahy” was recorded at the Farm Of Sounds studios in Barcelona and produced by Martin Mendez himself, while Jaime Gomez at the Orgone Studios in the UK was responsible for mixing and mastering.

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