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WE CAME AS ROMANS - release two new songs


WE CAME AS ROMANS – release two new songs “Carry The Weight” + “From The First Note”

The band’s first new songs since the tragic passing of singer Kyle Pavone

WE CAME AS ROMANS weathered their darkest time and emerge stronger in the name of a fallen brother and member: Kyle Pavone. Today, the band has released two brand new songs — ‘Carry the Weight’ and ‘From the First Note’. These are the first tracks that the band has released since Pavone’s tragic passing in August 2018.

Check out the music video for ‘Carry The Weight’ AT THIS LOCATION.

Stream ‘From The First Note’ AT THIS LOCATION.

The band states through guitarist Joshua Moore:
When Kyle passed away, it changed everything for us personally and, as a byproduct, everything for the band. An earth-shattering event puts a lot of things in perspective. We’ve spent so much time together. We’ve been doing this since we were kids. The one thing that won’t change is the way Kyle affected my life. Before we were bandmates, we were essentially brothers. In order to be genuine to our fans and ourselves, we had to write about what we dealt with losing him. At the same time, this isn’t just a bunch of songs soaking in depression. We want to celebrate what we built.”

‘”Carry the Weight’ is about dealing with the immense grief and sadness throughout navigating the loss of Kyle,” the band explains. “It’s a very honest song, and we’re very open about how it felt continuing to play shows without him on stage with us. It’s about the darkest part of our grieving process, and the only way we see ourselves moving forward — through the memory, the ‘light,’ that Kyle shone on our band.

About ‘From the First Note’, the band says:
It shows the other side of the loss of Kyle, remembering him and all the moments we shared, what we’ve created together, and how he will always be a part of us. That we can find his light in every aspect of the band, and feel thankful that we got to have that time of our lives with him. It’s a song about celebrating our accomplishments together, reliving the moments from our youngest days as a band, and knowing that he’s with us as we move forward.

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