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WARRIOR SOUL releases title track of 'Out On Bail' album


WARRIOR SOUL, the band fronted by legendary singer Kory Clarke, has released the title track of its upcoming album, “Out On Bail”. The LP will arrive on March 4 via Livewire/Cargo Records UK. The album’s first single, “We’re Alive”, came out in December.

Stream “Out On Bail” below.

“Out On Bail” is described in a press release as “a statement of considerable intent” from Clarke, who is “one of rock ‘n’ roll’s most prolific, prophetic and controversial songwriters.” Poetic and timely, “Out On Bail” speaks to us as survivors and fighters, celebrating in success and yet wary of things to come. It is a perfect gateway into the mind and soul of this unique songwriter and groundbreaking band.

“Out On Bail” track listing:

01. We’re Alive (Arling / Clarke) (5:10)
02. One More For The Road (Post / Polachek / Clarke) (4:07)
03. Hip Hip Hurray (Clarke / Post) (3:33)
04. Out On Bail (Hodgson / Clarke) (4:20)
05. Cancelled Culture (Polachek / Clarke) (3:41)
06. End Of The World (Kimmett / Post / Clarke) (4:50)
07. YoYo (Clarke / Peter Jay) (4:40)
08. The New Paradigm (Mark Gemini Thwaite / Paul Raven / Clarke) (4:35)

“Out On Bail” was produced by Clarke, with additional production by Dennis Post. It was mixed and mastered by Rune Buck.

Recording lineup:

Kory Clarke – Vocals, Drums on “One More For The Road”
Dennis “El Guapo” Post – Guitars
Christian Kimmett – Bass
Ivan Tambac – Drums on “Paradigm”, “End Of The World”
John Besser – Drums on “We’re Alive”, “Hip Hip Hurray”, “Out On Bail”, “Cancelled Culture”, “YoYo”
John “Baby H” Hodgson – Guitars on “Out On Bail”
Adam Arling – Guitars on “We’re Alive”, “Paradigm”
John “Full Throttle” Polachek – Guitars on “One More For The Road”, “Cancelled Culture”
Maria Hatzina – Special Guest Vocals on “Hip Hip Hurray”

WARRIOR SOUL released a trio of albums on the Geffen major label during the ’90s, beginning with its classic 1990 debut, “Last Decade Dead Century”.

Having initially split in 1995 following the release of “The Space Age Playboys”WARRIOR SOUL was resurrected in 2007 by Clarke, who has issued several albums since: “Destroy The War Machine” (2008), “Stiff Middle Finger” (2012), “Back On The Lash” (2017), “Rock ‘N’ Roll Disease” (2019), “Cocaine And Other Good Stuff” (2020) and “Out On Bail”.

A couple of years ago, Clarke told TotalRock that WARRIOR SOUL translates better in front of U.K. audiences. “For some reason, people in England like me a lot, more than Americans like me,” he said. “I always thought it was because of my criticism of the social situation in America and the guts to actually say what I feel about it.”

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