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Vredehammer premieres their new track titled “In Shadow”



Wild and techy riffing open up “In Shadow”, another dark and gritty single from Vredehammer’s upcoming “Viperous”. Fast and heavy drums reign the sound in full dominance, while orchestral elements underline the very aggressive riffing of “In Shadow”. With a good portion of groove, the song’s main riff transists into a blackened death metal bridge that Behemoth couldn’t have written better. The synths create this nasty, gloomy feel that both previous singles already delivered. But “In Shadow” has a more complex dynamic and techy structure, which benefits from the song’s great pace, and momentum. Per Valla of Vredehammer has commented: “In Shadow is one of the more groovy tracks on the new album, designed to make heads spin and to raise horns.”

Vredehammer’s combination of aggressive guitars and masterful songwriting has already rewarded the band with a loyal fanbase around the world. “Viperous” is their third full-length, following a highly acclaimed catalogue including a Norwegian Grammy nomination. When it comes to extreme metal from Norway, Vredehammer is one of the best! “Viperous” will be out on March 6th via Indie Recordings. You can pre-order here.

Band Members:
Per Valla: Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Vocals
Kristoffer Hansen: Guitar
Kai Speidel: Drums

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