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VOLA release video for “Straight Lines” off new album 'Witness'


Danish-Swedish quartet VOLA return with their brand-new album, Witness, on 21 May, released on Mascot Records. Ahead of this they have revealed the official video for “Straight Lines”.

Watch “Straight Lines” below

Witness comes nearly three years after the release of ‘Applause of a Distant Crowd,’ which saw the band go deep into the rabbit-hole, exploring society’s distractions from thoughtfulness and examined the way human relationships have evolved. Their new album goes a step further, shining a light on the subject of failed relationships, on a societal scale—the friction between leaders and followers, which is caused by the misuse of power.

“If I zoom in,” guitarist-singer Asger Mygind says. “The failure is born from unrequited love, grief, manipulative behaviour and insecurity. Connecting it with the album title, one could view the characters portrayed in the lyrics as being witnesses to the dissolution of the bond they have created with people in their lives.”


Track list:
1. Straight Lines
2. 24 Light-Years
3. These Black Claws (feat. SHAHMEN)
4. Freak
5. Napalm
6. Future Bird
7. Stone Leader Falling Down
8. Inside Your Fur
9. Head Mounted Sideway

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