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Video premiere: LUCER - “White Lies”


Danish hardrock band LUCER exclusively stream ther new single and lyric video “White Lies” through Arrow Lords Of Metal. Lucer is one of the most successful rock bands in Denmark, and they have recently taken a bold step going more traditionally hard rock with the album “L.A. Collection” (released in July). “White Lies”, however, sees them returning to their “normal” sound, and will be a part of the next album.

Watch the exclusive video stream for “The New World” below.

“”White Lies” is the tale of the addict”, the band reveals of this new track. “The vicious psychological circle created by the well-known “just one more time”, feels like your best friend and worst enemy. The song is the hard-hitting anthem of the weekend worrier – and by far the darkest song we have done (so far)”.

The new single from the Danish four-piece foreshows the band’s third album “The New World”, which will be released in the Winter, and is made in close collaboration with producer and H.E.R.O frontman Christoffer Stjerne.

“White Lies” is the second out of a series of singles the band plans to release as a prelude to their upcoming album.

Lasse Bøgemark: Vocals & Bass
Anders Bøgemark: Guitar
Kristoffer Kristensen: Guitar
Jonathan Nørgaard: Drums

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