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Video premiere: Denner’s Inferno – Sometimes


This is the amazing new animation/cartoon video from Michael Denner of Mercyful Fate / King Diamond.

“Sometimes” is the new single from Denner’s Inferno, written by Denner and Shermann with words by Jesper Harrits and Denner
“The song deals in other words with the sentence “What if”, and things from the past that did not happen or worked out the way you hoped they would. The conclusion: why spend time on the “What if’s” in life when you can go for the reality and facts in the things surrounding you?”, Denner says.

Michael Denner (Mercyful Fate and King Diamond) is the founder of the project Denner’s Inferno. The band is for fans of old school heavy and occult rock and their debut album, “In Amber”, is out November 15th on Mighty Music. “The big difference from the previous band is that this time I got the American singer Chandler Mogel to join, which has been a huge benefit. The big advantage is that Chandler and I share the same musical taste in many ways, so he has been quick to capture exactly what I meant when I had an idea”, Denner says.

Touring dates will be announced shortly.

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