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VENOM INC to commemorate 'Black Metal' album 40th anniversary at Keep It True festival

- Return To Hammersmith -


On November 1st, 1982, VENOM released its landmark album ‘Black Metal’. The band promoted the album and its surrounding singles during a now legendary show in the Hammersmith Odeon. In celebration of that show and the 40th anniversary of the album, VENOM INC (featuring in its ranks former Venom members Mantas and Demolition Man, alongside drummer War Machine) will be reliving this show on October 2nd at the Keep It True Festival, in Germany and perform the album in its entirety.

Watch the announcement of Venom Inc guitarist and Venom founder Jeff “Mantas” Dunn below.

Venom Inc singer Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan says:

Keep it True is where we morphed into VENOM INC so only fitting that ‘We Shall Return’ and performing a 40 year anniversary tribute to the seminal Black Metal album with a few surprises thrown in AND we, along with the magicians that are the KIT tech family, will deliver a Hammersmith Odeon ala ‘84 experience…if you are old enough , I hope we take you with us to feel that emotional excitement again and if you’re not old enough, I hope we give you that experience you heard about or saw online but never got to experience..

Black is the night – Metal We fight – power amps set to explode”

Venom Inc was founded in 2015, when Mantas and Demolition Man performed a set of classic Venom songs with M:PIre Of Evil. Their first show was at the Keep It True festival in Würzburg, Germany. Venom Inc has since toured the globe several times over and released their debut album ‘Avé’ under Nuclear Blast in 2017. The band has revealed in several interviews that their second album is ready and waiting for release, again under Nuclear Blast. 
‘Black Metal’ was releases on November 1st under Neat Records and is cited by many as the most influential album on the black metal genre. The song ‘Countess Bathory’ gave Quorthon the name of his band Bathory, which is credited for starting the Norwegian black metal genre and movement.
Venom split up and reunited several times due to conflicting personalities in the band. Founder Mantas first left in 1986, to return in 1989 with Demolition Man on bass and vocals. The two eventually formed Venom Inc in 2015. Singer Conrad “Cronos” Lant now holds the name Venom, alongside guitarist Stuart “Rage” Dixon and drummer Danny “Dante” Needham.