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VELVET VIPER release first single from remastered "From Over Yonder" re-release

Photo Credit: Volker Wilke


VELVET VIPER release first single from remastered “From Over Yonder” re-release

VELVET VIPER are going to re-release the first two Zed Yago Albums, “From Over Yonder” and “Pilgrimage”, on August 21, 2020 via Massacre Records.  You can now listen to the first single “From Over Yonder” below, as well as on various streaming platforms.

Check “From Over Yonder” below.

Both albums were remastered by Alexander Krull at his Mastersound Studio, and will include bonus tracks.

“From Over Yonder” and “Pilgrimage” are both available as Jewel Case CD as well as limited edition Gatefold Vinyl LP in two different colors.

Pre-order options:

*”From Over Yonder
* “Pilgrimage

The front covers and track lists are available below.

From Over Yonder (Remastered) (click to order)

1. The Spell From Over Yonder
2. The Flying Dutchman
3. Zed Yago
4. Queen And Priest
5. Revenge
6. United Pirate Kingdom
7. Stay The Course
8. Rebel Ladies
9. Rocking For The Nation
10. Rebel Ladies (Live München Theaterfabrik 1989) (Bonus Track)
11. Rockin’ For The Nation (Live London Hammersmith Odeon 1989) (Bonus Track)
12. The Schmied (Bonus Track)
Ltd. Gtf. Vinyl LP

Side A
The Spell From Over Yonder
The Flying Dutchman
Zed Yago
Queen And Priest
Side B
United Pirate Kingdom
Stay The Course
Rebel Ladies
Rockin’ For The Nation
The Schmied (Bonus Track)

Jewel Case CD • Ltd. Gtf. Vinyl LP • Digital

Pilgrimage (Remastered) (click to order)

1. Pilgrim’s Choir

2. Pilgrimage
3. The Fear Of Death
4. Pioneer Of The Storm
5. Black Bone Song
6. Rose Of Martyrdom
7. The Man Who Stole The Holy Fire
8. Achilles Heel
9. The Pale Man
10. Omega Child
11. Fallen Angel
12. Merlin (Bonus Track)
13. HM Rebels (Bonus Track)
14. King Arthur (Bonus Track)
15. Ring Of Stone (Bonus Track)
Side A

Pilgrim’s Choir
The Fear Of Death
Pioneer Of The Storm
Black Bone Song
Achilles Heel
Side B

Rose Of Martyrdom
The Man Who Stole The Holy Fire
The Pale Man
Omega Child
Fallen Angel

Jewel Case CD • Ltd. Gtf. Vinyl LP • Digital


10.09.2020 DE Bremen – Meisenfrei
02.-04.10.2020 DE Dresden – Skullcrusher (Metalfestival für krebskranke Kinder)
21.11.2020 DE Osnabrück – Bastard Club

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