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ADRIAN VANDENBERG would “absolutely” play with WHITESNAKE again

Adrian Vandenberg press photo courtesy of Steve Karas / SKH Music


In a new interview with Clint Switzer of the On The Road To Rock” podcast, former WHITESNAKE guitarist Adrian Vandenberg was asked if he would consider making an appearance with the David Coverdale-fronted outfit at a final concert or some other special event before the legendary singer officially retires from touring. Adrian responded: “I would absolutely do it if my schedule allows it. But I will do everything I can to make it work because it will be epic to do something like that.”

He continued: “As everybody knows, David and I are really good friends still. We’re in touch almost on a daily basis — we send back and forth politically incorrect jokes and stuff we both like. [Laughs]”

Circling back to the possibility of an onstage reunion with WHITESNAKEAdrian said: “Yeah, it would be great. Who knows? I’m like James Bond. I say never say never.”

Vandenberg was a member of WHITESNAKE for 13 years at the height of the band’s fame, contributing the solo on “Here I Go Again”. He was also part of supergroup MANIC EDEN, and more recently released a number of albums with VANDENBERG’S MOONKINGS.

Vandenberg‘s namesake band released its comeback album, titled “2020”, in May 2020 via Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group. A follow-up LP, “Sin”, arrive this past August.

Adrian is joined in VANDENBERG‘s current lineup by vocalist Mats Levén, drummer Koen Herfst and bassist Randy Van Der Elsen.

Recalling his refusal to return to WHITESNAKE when Coverdale resurrected the band in 2002, Vandenberg told “White Line Fever” that the singer “wanted to stop altogether because he was kind of worn out on the road. He didn’t want to do it anymore… When he called me up and said he wanted to start it up again, I couldn’t do it because I had all kinds of obligations for exhibitions for my paintings. And those are always planned a year ahead, because art galleries reserve the space a year ahead because exhibitions usually last three to six months or something. I couldn’t do it but we did keep in touch always. We still do.”

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