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MORBID ANGEL guitarist TREY AZAGTHOTH collapses on stage during Tampa concert

Dehydration and back problems called as the cause by his mother


MORBID ANGEL guitarist Trey Azagthoth collapsed on stage during the band’s concert last weekend (Friday, April 21) in Tampa, Florida.

Video of the incident, which apparently happened during the fifth song of MORBID ANGEL‘s set at The Orpheum in Azagthoth‘s hometown, shows the 58-year-old musician — whose real name is George Emmanuel III — struggling to stay on his feet while performing before he is helped to the back of the stage by a couple of roadies.

Trey Azagthoth was “dehydrated” and was suffering from a back injury when he collapsed on stage during the band’s concert last night (Friday, April 21) in Tampa, Florida, his mother says.

On Saturday, April 22, Trey‘s mother, Janell Fulghum Emmanuel, shared the following post on her Facebook page: “I would like to say thank you for all of your well wishes for my son, Trey. As it appears, Trey was totally dehydrated. His back issue was due to him slipping while going down the stairs of the bus and hit his back on one of the stairs. They have decided to go ahead and have a show tonight And I am just hoping and praying that all goes well.

“I had a message from Dan (Vadim VonMORBID ANGEL guitarist), he said that Trey got rest last night and was up and around and seem to be ready.

“I will continue to watch anything I can find about tonight. When he returns home tomorrow, I know he’ll need rest, but also needs to get some medical help.

“Again, thank you so much for your concern. He loves his fans.”

After a short break, MORBID ANGEL bassist/vocalist Steve Tucker told the crowd that Trey “injured himself”, before he and the other members of the group performed one more song and then ended the show.

“I think we’re gonna call it a night, man,” Steve told the crowd. “Without the leader… I apologize. I love all you motherfuckers. Thank you for coming. Hopefully Trey is all right. We’ll see you all again real soon, man. You have a good fucking night.”

The Tampa show was part of MORBID ANGEL‘s “United States Tour Of Terror” which proceeded as scheduled on Saturday, April 22 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

MORBID ANGEL kicked off its 2023 U.S. tour on March 15 at Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola, Florida. The trek marks the band’s first with drummer Charlie Koryn, who has previously played with ASCENDED DEADINCANTATIONFUNEBRARUM and SKELETAL REMAINS.

Azagthoth made headlines in 2020 after he was arrested on a misdemeanor DUI charge near his home in Florida. After being read his rights, Emmanuel “admitted to consuming 1-2 shots of whiskey prior to driving,” according to an arrest affidavit obtained by The Smoking Gun. The guitarist also reportedly told cops: “I’m a professional drinker.” Several months later, he pleaded no contest to reckless driving as a reduced charge from DUI. He was also ordered to complete “DUI School”, pay a small fine and perform 50 hours of community service.

MORBID ANGEL made mainstream media headlines late last month after a 50-year-old man died when the roof collapsed at a theater hosting the band’s concert in Belvidere, Illinois.

Although the concert was reportedly sold out, the Belvidere Police Department said only 260 people were at the Apollo Theater on March 31 when the collapse occurred as a heavy storm rolled through the area. The capacity of the theater is around 1,500.

In total, 28 people were taken to local hospitals by paramedics and another 48 people sought treatment on their own.

Trey had previously said that his stage name combines his status as “the third” in his family and the name of a Lovecraftian deity.

MORBID ANGEL‘s latest album, “Kingdoms Disdained”, was released in December 2017.

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