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Trans-Siberian Orchestra announces special christmas livestream event


Trans-Siberian Orchestra announces special christmas livestream event

On the 18th of December Trans-Siberian Orchestra will livestream a re-conceptualized show based on the album Christmas Eve and Other Stories and provide it via video on demand for 48 hours.

The story of the album, that is set on Christmas Eve and tells the tale of a young angel sent to earth, couldn’t be a better fit for what we have learned in this troubling year. Humanity, kindness and compassion have probably been the most important virtues of 2020. SAVATAGE-guitarist and TSO-music director Al Pitrelli comments:

“So many things have changed in 2020. Masks, social distancing, home schooling, and of course live entertainment. What will not change is all of us being able to celebrate the Holidays together. It will just be different. For 21 years we’ve had the privilege of bringing our tours, including Christmas Eve and Other Stories, to hundreds of cities and millions of people. This year we will bring this timeless story to the living rooms. We will miss seeing all our Fans in person, but like Paul O’Neill always said, “Adapt, overcome, and improvise”. That’s exactly what we are going to do. It will be an opportunity to see your favorite holiday story up close and personal. We can’t wait to share this with everyone. In the meantime… Stay safe. Stay healthy. We’re on our way!”

The pre-sale for the streaming-event starts today. For the family-friendly price of 30 US$, tickets are available via the website www.trans-siberian.com, along with special gift packages that include shirts, ornaments and masks. It’s also possible to buy tickets and send them to family members or friends as a digital present. Aside from the 90-minute live firework, special behind-the-scenes-material and interviews will also be available.

It’s a beloved TSO tradition that a portion of the proceeds from the livestream will be donated to charity. And thus, the Christmas Eve and Other Stories-narrative comes full circle in reality – which might be a bit less ordinary, but surely not less Christmas-y and pleasant this year.

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