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Tracktion release f.’em FM synth


SEATTLE, WA (June 8th, 2021) – Tracktion Corporation introduce f.’em, with eight  synchronizable wave oscillators, two sample operators and a deep modulation matrix.
F’em allows for sounds associated with iconic synths such as the Access Virus, the Yamaha DX7 and the Yamaha GS1. A modulation matrix lends itself to the creation of unique FM sounds. 
Tracktion: “For musicians looking for a fresh new synth sound to bring too their music, f.’em is a creative powerhouse which is fundamentally different to subtractive synthesis in both technique and effects.  By allowing users to combine simple waveforms to create more intricate outcomes, sounds like bell timbres, metallic tones, punchy bass lines, synthetic brass sounds and the tones of electric pianos become easily achievable. See a patch demo AT THIS LOCATION.”

For a ninety-day free trail of f.’em please click here.

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