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THRENODY celebrates 25th anniversary of 'Bewildering Thoughts' with vinyl release



THRENODY celebrates 25th anniversary of ‘Bewildering Thoughts’ with vinyl release

Dutch Death Metal pioneers THRENODY celebrate the 25th anniversary of the album ‘Bewildering Thoughts’ this year. To commemorate the event, a vinyl release of the album is now announced by Redrum Recordz and scheduled for release on September 11th. 

Watch the promo for the vinyl re-release below.

Formed in 1988, Dutch Death Metal pioneers THRENODY soon established an excellent reputation in the underground Metal scene. 

After releasing various tapes and a very well received debut album, their second album ‘Bewildering Thoughts’, released by Massacre Records in 1995, is now considered a classic and a melodic Death Metal milestone.  Threnody toured and shared stages with Metal giants like Sepultura, Fear Factory, Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation, Paradise Lost and Death, to only name a few. 

“Bewildering Thoughts” proved to be timeless and therefore Redrum Recordz now honors this work of art by releasing it on vinyl for the first time, celebrating its 25th anniversary with a limited edition, numbered by hand, colored vinyl release,

Please have a listen here and watch the promo here.

Official release: September 11th, 2020

Pre-order for the re-release has now started.

Bassist Henry McIlveen shares, exclusively for Arrow Lords Of Metal:
‘Bewildering Thoughts 25, a lifetime ago that seems like yesterday’

foto door Angelique van Woerkom

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