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THE EXPLOITED frontman WATTIE BUCHAN collapses on stage in colombia after suffering suspected heart attack


THE EXPLOITED frontman Wattie Buchan was rushed to hospital after collapsing on stage due a suspected heart attack during the band’s concert in Colombia on Saturday night (December 10).

The 65-year-old punk legend, who has a history of heart problems, was performing the song “Army Life” with his bandmates at La Estrella Roja Calle 66 when he started feeling unwell, clutching his chest and bending down before dropping to his knees.

A spokesman for THE EXPLOITED later issued a statement to STV News saying: “The last gig in Colombia, Wattie had another suspected heart attack. He tried playing on but had to actually stop a couple of songs until he eventually collapsed. He got taken away to hospital in an ambulance but over 900 people refused to leave the venue until he heard he was alright.

THE EXPLOITED are held as idols over here, and Wattie is seen as the king of punk. He has kept the punk movement alive when everyone in the press said it was dead. He is actually a living legend.”

In February 2014, Buchan suffered a heart attack on stage in Lisbon, Portugal. Shows in August 2018 and September 2019 also had to be cancelled due to Buchan‘s health problems.

A year after Wattie underwent a quadruple heart bypass surgery in 2014 following an onstage heart attack, the singer told I Probably Hate Your Band: “I thought I wouldn’t be able to do gigs anymore, so I’m just glad I can still do gigs.” He later told Tattoo.com about his heart procedure, “They cut my leg went right through my tattoo and put it back together,” and added: “The most important thing in life is your health. If you don’t have your health, you don’t have fuck-all.”

Following Buchan‘s collapse on stage on Saturday, THE EXPLOITED released a statement on its social media accounts.

It read in part: “On December 10th, 2022 during the end of the set Wattie collapsed on stage in Bogota, COL and was rushed into hospital by ambulance.

“Due to doctor’s orders all remaining shows for 2022 have been cancelled.

“We apologize to the fans, promoters and everyone affected by this situation. Thank you for understanding. Also our London show on the 16th December will also be cancelled once again we are sorry about this but Wattie is exhausted and told to cancel all upcoming gigs for this year.”

Formed in 1979, THE EXPLOITED is widely considered to be one of the most influential punk bands of all time.

The group performed in Peru, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil and Colombia as part of its fall 2022 tour.

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