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TEUFELSBERG release visualiser for "Der Ruf Des Mephistopheles"


Today, Signal Rex announces October 31st as the international release date for TEUFELSBERG ‘s second album, Pakt mit dem Teufel, on CD and vinyl LP formats.  In the meantime, the brand-new track “Der Ruf Des Mephistopheles” off the album has been made available. 

Stream “Der Ruf Des Mephistopheles”  below.

Pakt mit dem Teufel was signed in blood somewhere in Poland during the full moon in 2022,” the band declare. “Teufelsberg continues to follow the path of Unholy Black Metal. The funeral bell carries its song bathed in moonlight. It calls impure souls to the top of the Devil’s Mountain, calls to make a pact and worship HIM.”

Tracklisting for Teufelsberg’s Pakt mit dem Teufel
1. Hunger etter synd
2. Der ruf des Mephistopheles
3. Gospel of Diabolical Freedom
4. La Beauté du Diable
5. Noc Walpurgii, Lucyfera Dar!
6. Wpiekłowstąpienie (in Herrlichkeit inmitten der Flammen)

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