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SVART to release "Brutal Africa" compilation, highlighting the "Heavy Metal Cowboys of Botswana"



Svart Records, together with the makers of the documentary Freedom in the Dark, proudly bring African metal to the West! On September 13th internationally, Svart shall release Brutal Africa – The Heavy Metal Cowboys of Botswana on CD and vinyl LP formats.
Botswana, in southern Africa, is a country roughly the size of France, with the Kalahari Desert taking up half of its surface area. The country is perhaps more famous for Bushmen or the diamonds found there in the 1960s than its music. It might be hard to believe that the country has a very lively and unique rock scene. Rock culture in Botswana is distinctive in many ways; the passion for playing music is more important than unnecessary technical prowess. The rockers also dress in very imaginative ways, and their clothing ranges from metal uniforms, leather and rivet wings, to different kinds of masks. These aspects together make the scene in Botswana one of the most interesting in the world today.
Tracklisting for Brutal Africa – The Heavy Metal Cowboys of Botswana
1. Crackdust – Deranged Psychopath
2. Crackdust – Desecrate
3. Metal Orizon – Ungazetted Mortuary
4. Metal Orizon – We’re Rolling
5. Overthrust – Psychosomatic Torture
6. Overthrust – Slay the Spectator
7. PMMA – Imprisoned to Death
8. Stane – Dictator
9. Stane – Run For Your Life
10. Wrust – God of the Insane
11. Wrust – The Day of the Sacrifice

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