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Stroking Breeze released a video for "My Bloodstream"


Stroking Breeze released a video for “My Bloodstream”
Album “As Illusions Start To Fade” is set for release April 30

Germany based alternative metal band Stroking Breeze are set to release the band’s full-length, ‘As Illusions Start To Fade’, on release April 30. Ahead of the release they now released “My Bloodstream”.

Check it out here:

More on Stroking Breeze:
When the singer and bass player Martha and drummer Steffen met, it quickly became clear that these two would join forces in music. They had several concerts with their metal band Ink-Black Blood and got to know the guitarist Mario at a gig they played together with the punk / goth-rock band UnSanft. When both bands split up in 2014, the three formed Stroking Breeze. Their first mini-album “Appearance Is Deceiving” followed in 2017. With “As Illusions Start To Fade”, the trio shows that since the debut they‘ve developed personally, lyrically and musically. Stroking Breeze were never interested in writing pleasant and mainstream-suitable songs. The melody-loving, but always energetic guitar paired with Martha‘s alternately clean vocals and her angry screams make some songs sound rough, some melancholic, others sound angry and desperate – but each of their own compositions bears its own unmistakable signature. The lyrics aren‘t about mainstream or world events either, but rather about what concerns and bothers them personally. Both lyrics and songs change from fragile to angry, from accusing to amused. So you could say: “As Illusions Start To Fade” is a bit like a row between drunks: emotional, loud and honest.

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