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Nordic folk band SOWULO release new single 'Seolfren Sicol'


Dutch pagan folk band SOWULO have released a brand new single. The track “Seolfren Sicol” is about feeling the power of the waxing moon, and letting its light guide you through inner and outer darkness.

Stream “Seolfren Sicol” below.

SOWULO comments: “Look at the silver sickle. Behold the beauty of the waxing moon. This song is about invoking the power of resurrecting moonlight. That it may help to find the awakening light that expels the darkness within.

Feel its growing power shine upon your hands

Feel its growing power shine upon your face.”

Sowulo is the work of multi-instrumentalist and composer Faber Horbach.

Captivated by the cyclical nature of existence and an animistic worldview, Faber is determined to express his spiritual path through his music. With lyrics in Anglo-Saxon and music created with both historical and contemporary instruments, the creator and listener are challenged to go on an inner journey and to invoke archetypical wisdom from deep within.

Sowulo means ‘Sun’ in proto-germanic. Cycles can be found everywhere in Sowulo’s discography. The music follows our relationship with the Sun and tells the story of our inner and outer cycles of day and night, the four seasons, birth and death.” The music of Sowulo is currently streamed over 20 million times on Spotify alone. The most popular track ‘Wulfwiga’ has reached over 4 million streams within 3 years.

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