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SORDID EMPIRE release demo ‘Blackest Thoughts’


Dutch ambient doom/sludge metal band Sordid Empire will release their demo album ‘Blackest Thoughts’ on June 21st. The demo album marks the recording debut of the band and contains 3 heart-wrenching songs from the studio and one live recording,. ‘Blackest Thoughts’ contains a guest appearance by mezzo soprano AJ and spans well over 48 minutes.

Sordid Empire was founded in 2023 by bassist and lyricist Eveline, with a profound need to express herself lyrically. The musical inspiration is drawn from bands that have existed for a long time or have left their mark, such as Celtic Frost (Monotheist), Triptykon, Winter, Samael, Sunn O))), Oak, the old Anathema and My Dying Bride. Sordid Empire forges a unique sound of Doom/Sludge, with Ambient influences, characterized by intense screams, powerful guitar tones, basslines saturated with heavy fuzz, and drum rhythms that act as pounding thunders. The long and immersive tracks, featuring Eveline’s deep and very personal lyrics combined with the music from Remco and Maarten.

Early 2024 the band launched itself with a live show, showcasing their unique blend of styles, immediately leaving a lasting impression and leading into the invitation of more shows, soon to be announced.

Track list:

  1. Sordid Empire (feat. AJ)
  2. Silence
  3. The Bringer of Life:
  4. Victory will be Mine (Live at Fort33)

Sordid Empire is:
Remco: vocals, guitar
Eveline: bass
Maarten: drums, lead guitar