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EPICA's SIMONE SIMONS feels 'more pressure' on female musicians 'to always look good and be in the best shape'

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Simone Simons of Dutch symphonic metallers EPICA was recently interviewed by Anne Erickson of Audio Ink Radio. She talked about her role and the role of women in general in the metal world.

Asked how the metal world has changed in terms of its acceptance of women in metal from when she started out in EPICA to now, Simone said: “I guess women in the scene are more prominent, and, I guess, also maybe more respected or accepted for the fact that we have talent and can work hard and can succeed. I guess that women are still the minority in the whole metal scene, but it’s developing in the right direction, I would say. Back in the day, we had the term ‘female-fronted metal,’ and that is nowhere near accurate at the moment, because it does not describe the sound of the band other than there’s a female singer in the band. I, myself, am lucky enough to not have had any really big negative experiences to talk about. And I’m one of the guys; that’s how I always felt, I guess — with the exception of some females things. [Laughs] And I feel well being surrounded by a lot of guys; I never felt misunderstood or disrespected.”

Regarding whether there is pressure on women to physically look a certain way to make it in music, Simone said: “Well, I guess, in a certain way, the appearance is important, not just for the women, but also for the guys. I mean, don’t we all want to look our best? Don’t we put a lot of effort in making the live show visually appealing? But there is, of course, more pressure on the women to always look good and be in the best shape. And people create this image of you that you’re perfect, and you’re not, and it’s sometimes tedious to keep up that appearance. With guys, it’s easier for them; they can just roll out of bed and look like crap and nobody gives a shit. And [when you are a woman,] if you have a bad day or a huge zit, everybody is pointing at it. But, yeah, that’s how it’s always been. That’s just a thing you’ve gotta fight. And I know some of my female colleagues — I respect them enormously — they posted photos without any makeup on, and I think that is a great thing to do, to show everybody that we are normal as well. I post makeup videos, and people see me without makeup as well. And I guess I don’t mind as much as I did in the past. It comes with age, I guess, that you start to feel more comfortable. When you’re in your younger years, when your skin and everything is nice and tight, you are actually the most insecure; you don’t value or acknowledge that you’re young and that it has a lot of advantages and that it’s a beautiful thing to be young. But, yeah, that insecurity, I guess, gets to all of us.”

EPICA‘s latest album, “Omega”, was released on February 26 via Nuclear Blast. The follow-up to 2016’s “The Holographic Principle” was once again produced by Joost Van Den Broek (POWERWOLFAYREON) in part at Sandlane Recording Facilities in Rijen, Netherlands.

03.06.2021         TR   Istanbul – Kucukciftlik Park
04–05.06.2021   RO  Bucharest – Maximum Rock Festival
02.07.2021         NL   Dokkum – Dokk’em Open Air
03.07.2021         IT    Verona – Rock The Castle
14–16.07.2021   AT   Leoben – Area 53
15–16.07.2021   DE   Balingen – Bang Your Head
22–24.07.2021   FIN  Laukaa – John Smith Rock Festival
05–07.08.2021   ES   Villena – Leyendas del Rock
12–15.08.2021   BE   Kortrijk – Alcatraz

»The Epic Apocalypse Tour 2022«
06.01.2022         DE         Leipzig – Haus Auensee
07.01.2022         DE         Berlin – Columbiahalle  
08.01.2022         PL          Gdansk – B90    
09.01.2022         PL          Warsaw – Progresja       
11.01.2022         AT          Vienna – Gasometer      
12.01.2022         CZ          Brno – Hala vodova          
13.01.2022         HU         Budapest – Barba Negra              
15.01.2022         DE         Munich – Tonhalle          
16.01.2022         I             Milan – Fabrique             
17.01.2022         CH          Lausanne – Metropole
18.01.2022         CH          Zurich – Komplex            
20.01.2022         DE          Wiesbaden – Schlachthof            
21.01.2022         DE          Ludwigsburg – MHP Arena          
22.01.2022         LUX        Luxembourg – Den Atelier          
23.01.2022         DE          Hannover – Capitol  
25.02.2022         FIN         Helsinki – IceHall  
27.02.2022         NO         Oslo – Sentrum
28.02.2022         SE          Stockholm – Berns          
02.03.2022         DK          Copenhagen – Amager Bio                        
03.03.2022         DE          Hamburg – Docks                          
04.03.2022         NL          Amsterdam – AFAS Live               
05.03.2022         DE          Cologne – Carlswerk Victoria                     
07.03.2022         BE          Brussel – Ancienne Belgique                      
08.03.2022         UK          Nottingham – Rock City               
09.03.2022         UK          Glasgow – O2 Academy                
10.03.2022         UK          Manchester – Academy               
12.03.2022         UK          Bristol – O2 Academy                   
13.03.2022         UK          London – Roundhouse                 
14.03.2022         F             Paris – Zenith                    
15.03.2022         F            Toulouse – Bikini                            
17.03.2022         ES          Barcelona – Razzmatazz 1        
18.03.2022         ES          Murcia – Gamma                           
19.03.2022         ES          Madrid – La Riviera                       
20.03.2022         P            Lisbon – Coliseum 

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Photo credits: Tim Tronckoe

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