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SHINING stream Blackjazz 10th anniversary show on June 6th


SHINING stream Blackjazz 10th anniversary show from iconic heavy water plant in Norway on June 6th

Norwegian band SHINING, known for surprising stunts like playing on top of a mountain, will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of their album Blackjazz with a special livestreamed concert on June 6th. 

The band will be performing the album in full between the old turbines in the machine hall of Vemork in Norway. The Vemork power plant played a key role in World War II, as the Germans captured it in a bid to create heavy water for a nuclear weapon in the early 1940s. Efforts by the allies and Norwegian resistance fighters and saboteurs would later go on to foil that plan. Vemork converted to the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum in 1988.

Watch the trailer below.

Shining’s front man Jørgen Munkeby comments
“I’m so excited to play this Blackjazz show at the Heavy Water Plant! Not only is it the first time since 2013 that we’re playing this very special album from start to finish, but the insane story about what happened at this factory during the last world war is like a proper Star Wars legend! It’s the freedom rebels against the big evil empire, and puts a perfect backdrop to our industrial music. We’ll get to be Blackjazz Rebels for a night!”

You’ll need a ticket to see the show, as it is not going to be streamed open on Facebook or Youtube like many other shows. The deadline for purchasing a ticket is June 1st.

See a show trailer here. Get your tickets here.

Times for the show:

Oslo/Europe: 11 PM
London/UK: 10 PM
New York/USA: 5 PM
Los Angeles/USA: 2 PM

You can now purchase the tickets along with a special limited edition t-shirt from Shining’s own online merch store.

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