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SAPIENCY reveal album details "For Those Who Never Rest"


SAPIENCY reveal album details “For Those Who Never Rest”

Modern melodic death metal outfit SAPIENCY from Frankfurt, Germany will release its new album “For Those Who Never Rest” on September 25, 2020 via Massacre Records. The album was mixed by the band’s guitarist Rene Ritzmann and mastered by Aljoscha Sieg. The cover artwork was created by Maximilian Wagner.

Check out the album’s track list below, and pre-order “For Those Who Never Rest” AT THIS LOCATION.

1. Everest
2. Like Yourself (Feat. Tyler)
3. Dangerous Game
4. Revenge
5. Bleeding In The Sun
6. Thin Ice
7. Sick
8. C’est La Vie
9. Borderline
10. I Am Alive
11. Lucid Dreamer
12. Dropped Again
13. Like Yourself (Feat. Gerre & Tyler) [Bonus Track]

Holger WenckGuitars (2009-present)
See also: ex-Everfest, ex-Force Trankill, ex-Bonneville, ex-Downfield, ex-Traitors Gate
René RitzmannGuitars (2009-present)
See also: ex-Hands of Fate, ex-Everfest, ex-Force Trankill, ex-Bonneville, ex-Last Days of Kain
Lars BittnerVocals (clean) (2009-present)
See also: ex-Stronghold, ex-Conjuring, ex-Amyris, ex-Force Trankill
Jonas SchützDrums (2017-present)
See also: Condemned to DreamDiësisEraserheadSacrosanct
Hendrik WinterVocals (harsh), Bass (2017-present)

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