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SAMAEL singer announces project Worship And Ritual


Vorph, singer of Swiss Industrial metal innovators SAMAEL, announced  a project under the name of Worship And Ritual. They have now released the previously announced song ‘Satan Satan’. The project consists of the Samael brothers, who have readopted their early stage names Vorphalack and Xytraguptor again for it.

Says Samael:

To end up 2020 proprely, here is an X-mas song to stream or download
Xy and Vorph recorded that track last week for the Worship And Ritual project.

Watch the announcement below.

The song is now available on Bandcamp and was written by Vorphalack, as he did before his brother took over wrting duties from the third album ‘Ceremony Of Opposites’ and on.

The song furthermore credits:
Recorded and mixed at Roystone Studios Switzerland
Recorded and engineered by Johan “Johi” Vergères
Mixed by Johan “Johi” Vergères and Xytraguptor
Produced by Xytraguptor

Vorphalack- archive footage

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