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PRONG release video for new single 'The Descent'

Photo credit: Nathaniel Shannon


PRONG‘s thirteenth studio album, “State Of Emergency”, will arrive on October 6 via Steamhammer/SPV. The official music video for the LP’s third single, “The Descent”, is now released.

Stream “The Descent” below.

Tommy Victor comments: “‘The Descent’ has a narrative of isolation, confusion, and hopelessness due to the intervention of media.”

Stream the previously released “Breaking Point” below.

PRONG leader Tommy Victor commented: “The origins of the song happened during the waning part of the pandemic. I have to admit that I came up with the main riff while we were out on the BLACK LABEL SOCIETY tour. I guess that would make sense to some. There was so much insecurity going on. What we were told kept changing. The crowds on that tour were so intense. It seemed like everyone was just sweating out all this frustration. Everyone was just fed up. I think that sentiment has remained and even grown with a lot of people. It’s a ‘general frustration in the world’-type song.”

He added about the track’s sound: “I’ve been getting back into these heavy, solid, mean riffs. I think moving back to New York has helped with these. I’m really happy where I’m at all around. I think it’s coming across in the new songs and showing a rejuvenated attitude.”

Three months ago, Victor confirmed to Heavy New York that he and his bandmates were hard at work on the long-awaited follow-up to 2017’s “Zero Days” album. “I can tell you the single will be out, the digital single, in January,” he said. “‘Cause the record is almost done. So for our European tour with LIFE OF AGONY in January, the single will be out. And the full-length record will be out in, I guess, April or something. It depends on when the pressing plant can do it. It’s on Steamhammer/SPV again, the same label. All the basic tracks are done. I’ve just gotta do vocals and solos now.”

Speaking about his approach for the upcoming LP, which was produced by Steve Evetts, who previously helmed 2012’s “Carved Into Stone” and 2014’s “Ruining Lives”Tommy said: “This one is special because it’s the first record I’ve written since I moved back to New York, (to) Amityville. So that concept is there, where it’s, like, you know what? This is where the early PRONG stuff was written. I wrote it in my apartment in Amityville, and it’s killer. So that’s the concept, is that it’s written back where I’m from. It’s very hardcore, it’s really heavy, but PRONG has to have the hooks, so it’s still in there too. There’s a lot of good choruses and understandable lyrics.”

PRONG‘s latest release was the aforementioned “Age Of Defiance”, which came out in November 2019 via SPV/Steamhammer. The effort, which was produced by Chris Collier, included two new studio songs, the title cut and “End Of Sanity”, along with live recordings of three tracks: “Rude Awakening”“Cut-Rate” and “Another Worldly Device”.

As previously reported, PRONG has recruited Jason Bittner (OVERKILLSHADOWS FALL) to play drums for the band on its upcoming European tour as the support act for LIFE OF AGONY.

The first leg of LIFE OF AGONY‘s “30 Years Of River Runs Red” tour will kick off in Europe on January 13 in Bochum, Germany and end in Milton Keynes, England on February 11. Additional support will come from MADBALL (on U.K. dates only), with rock duo TARAH WHO? opening all shows.

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