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Paul Stanley of Kiss Plans to Shock Great White Sharks at Oceanside Show


According to Rolling Stone Magazine, on November 18th, Kiss will perform for great white sharks off the southern coast of Australia. Kiss have done many outrageous things in their nearly 50-year career, from mixing their blood into the ink of comic books to selling airbrushed Kiss Kaskets as part of their beloved merchandise line. On November 18th, the hard rock icons will take their fire-breathing intensity overseas to the southern coast of Australia, where they’ll perform their first-ever concert for great white sharks.

“Airbnb approached us with this idea that sounded, quite frankly, a little weird, but we’re used to being approached with things that are a little weird,” Paul Stanley tells Rolling Stone. “I’ve played for a lot of land sharks. Now I finally get a chance to play for the ocean varieties.”

The concert marks the launch of Airbnb Animal Experiences, where tourists can interact with animals in their own environment while following World Animal Protection guidelines. At 6:30 am in Port Lincoln, Australia, eight guests will board a boat hosted by Matt Waller and shark expert Dr. Blake Chapman. They’ll descend underwater in a glass viewing hull, where they can observe the animals in their natural habitat.

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