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PARADISE release video for 'Hitting On All Sixes'

L-R - Fred Crew Grr (Guitar), Matt Hias (Drums), Fred Kelly (Bass), R.L. Black (Vocals), Frank Kelly ( Lead Guitar) Photo Credit – R.L.Black


PARADISE release video for ‘Hitting On All Sixes’

Montreal based stoner band PARADISE released a video for the song ‘Hitting On All Sixes’. The song is taken from their eponymous album, which is out now through Vega Musique.

Watch the video below.

The band adds:
“‘Hitting On All Sixes’ is a pedal to the metal octane infused rock and roll kind of track, the type of song that will get you speeding tickets if you listen to it while driving, even if you drive a shitbox.

When asked to describe their music, they respond:
I think we’re right in between heavy rock and metal, with a stoner feel sometimes. We really tried to have different vibes throughout the record and not have the pedal to the metal on each song like the previous ones.

Track Listing:
1. Straight From Hell (3:37)
2. Hitting On All Sixes (3:53)
3. Who Do You Wanna Be (3:35)
4. One Of A Kind (4:34)
5. Never Cry Again (3:33)
6. Low Down And Shaking (4:59)
7. Barn Burner (3:37)
8. Long Gone (2:54)
9. Away From You (3:30)
10. Free In Exile (4:03)
Album Length: 38:20

Album and Live Band Line Up:
Fred Crew Grr – Guitar
Fred Kelly – Bass
R.L. Black – Vocals
Matt Hias – Drums
Frank Kelly – Lead Guitar

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