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PARADISE LOST Nick and Greg discuss the scene when the band started

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PARADISE LOST Nick and Greg discuss the scene when the band started

The book has been closed but the story continues: PARADISE LOST sharpen their pens and add another chapter to their dark, gloomy history of death,doom and gothic metal. In difficult times, the British legends from Halifax, Yorkshire are the drug that numbs the pain , the lover that takes away the sorrows, the story that craves to be told. “Obsidian”, the new album from PARADISE LOST, will be released on May,15th.

But, before writing another story of success, PARADISE LOST dive deeper into their own past. Today, Greg and Nick discuss the scene when the band started and give their fans an interesting insight on the early days of PARADISE LOST. Check out the video here:

You can order “Obsidian” now in various formats here:

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More on “Obsidian”:
‘Darker Thoughts’ (TEASER): https://youtu.be/-IydwhaibhU
‘Fall From Grace’ (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO): https://youtu.be/QWqNcw-oIbU
‘Nick and Greg discuss ‘Fall From Grace (OFFICIAL TRAILER)’: https://youtu.be/VkuIRhkr0Ns


Listen to ‘Fall From Grace’ and other new tracks in the NB New Releases Playlists:
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