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OZZY OSBOURNE's New Album To Be Released In January, Says SHARON OSBOURNE


OZZY OSBOURNE’s New Album To Be Released In January, Says SHARON OSBOURNE, Osbournes Considered A Las Vegas Theater Residency

Sharon Osbourne says that Ozzy’s new studio album will be released in January.

Ozzy recently provided guest vocals on Post Malone’s song “Take What You Want”, a session overseen by producer Andrew Watt, and it led to Osbourne and Watt collaborating on the legendary BLACK SABBATH singer’s 12th solo LP.

Sharon spoke about Ozzy’s health during an appearance on SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show”, hosted by Jess Cagle and Julia Cunningham. Asked how the singer is recovering from his recent setbacks, Sharon said (see video below): “He’s getting there. He had a very, very bad accident this year, but he’s getting there. He’s just finished an album, and the album is coming out in January. And he’s doing good. He’s very excited about the duet he did with Post and also Travis Scott. It’s doing great. It’s at Top 40 radio, and it’s climbing up every week. It’s doing good.”

According to Sharon, returning to the recording studio and making new music has “been a huge boost” for Ozzy, “because he felt literally worthless. And he would watch different things on TV, and he was watching some band, a documentary on a band, and they were in their tour bus traveling,” she recalled. “And he couldn’t watch it — he was near to tears, and he goes, ‘I miss my life. I want my life back.’ It’s been really hard on him. But he’s getting there. He’ll be back.

Asked if Ozzy’s “spirits are okay,” Sharon replied: “Now they are. Now he’s done his album, and it’s coming out, and everybody’s really pumped about it. He’s happy — he is.

Sharon went on to say that Ozzy is still planning on completing his “No More Tours 2”, which launched a year and a half ago. “He has another year and a half to do,” she said. “And these kids have held on to their tickets for the postponed shows for over a year. And he’s gonna go back and he’s gonna fulfill that commitment — he’s gonna play those shows. And he’s not totally retiring, but the touring — he won’t do any more touring.

Asked if she and Ozzy have ever thought about him doing a Las Vegas residency, Sharon said: “Yeah, we have — we absolutely have. We’ve definitely thought about it, yeah… It’s amazing. You go to the Park (Theater at Park MGM) — that venue is tremendous. And the people they have playing there. It’s a tremendous theater. And the sound system in there and the things you can do with your production. It’s fantastic.

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