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OVERKILL shares video for 'Scorched' title track


The official music video for “Scorched”, the title track of the new album from New Jersey thrash metal veterans OVERKILL, can be seen below. The band’s twentieth studio album is being released today (Friday, April 14) via Nuclear Blast Records.

Watch the visualiser for “Scorched” below.

OVERKILL singer Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth spoke in more detail about “Scorched” in a recent interview with Canada’s The Metal Voice . When interviewer Jimmy Kay suggested that the pandemic has been “good” to OVERKILL by giving the group a chance to focus on making a new LP without the distractions of being on the road, Bobby clarified: “It hasn’t been good to us. We took advantage of the opportunity of the luxury of time. I think that that would probably be the best way to put it. It’s directly responsible, I think, for the results, especially my results on it. I think the other guys, they tweaked and pushed and pulled and pinched and added things over that three-year period. But for me, I tore that record down a few times, just to make sure that it was a metal record worthy of the luxury of time, as opposed to a hit-and-run kind of a thing.”

Watch the visualiser for “Wicked Place” and “The Surgeon” below.

Scorched offered a new recording environment as all members were able to record on their own. The mixing of the record was handled by Colin Richardson and his assistant engineer Chris ClancyJohnny Rodd helped with producing vocals, and finally, Maor Appelbaum took over mastering and adding finishing touches. The band returned to artist Travis Smith to create the album cover art.

Scorched will be available in the following formats:

  • CD Jewel
  • Fluorescent Green Cassette (Limited to 400 worldwide)
  • Longbox (Limited to 1,000 worldwide) 
    • CD Jewel
    • Button
    • Sticker
  • Double LP
    • Black
    • Aztec Gold (Limited to 2,500 worldwide)
    • Fresh Green (Limited to 1,000 worldwide)
    • Trans Amber w. Fluorescent Green

OVERKILL are expanding their reach but don’t be fooled, the band will remain the filthy, massive gutter thrashers that we all know and love.Pre-order Scorched in the format of your choice here: https://bfan.link/Overkill-Scorched Below is the track listing for Scorched:1. Scorched2. Goin’ Home3. The Surgeon4. Twist OF The Wick5. Wicked Place6. Won’t Be Comin Back7. Fever8. Harder They Fall9. Know Her Name10. Bag O’ Bones

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