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OVERKILL set "Scorched" as Title Of 20th Studio Album


Veteran thrashers OVERKILL have set “Scorched” as the title of their 20th studio album, to be released next year.

The name of the upcoming OVERKILL LP was revealed last week by drummer Jason Bittner in a social media post. He shared a few photos of the band’s appearance at the Ruhrpott Metal Meeting in Oberhausen, Germany and included the following message: “Last one of the year!!!! See you in 2023 with ‘Scorched’ – the 20th album in the OVERKILL catalog! Night all!!! Back on a plane home in less than 8 hours, and my weekend is farrrr from done…..more on that soon!”

Earlier in the year, OVERKILL bassist D.D. Verni told Hardrock Haven about the progress of the recording sessions for the band’s 20th studio album. He said: “I had almost all of it written when we went out on the tour before COVID, ’cause that’s where we were in our cycle. So I had to have my part — the music for the record — pretty much done. I had two songs left that I had to do when I got back home. ‘Cause that’s where we needed to be, ’cause the record was supposed to come out in the fall of that year or whenever. But then we were, like, ‘We’ve got a little extra time.’ And then we had more extra time.”

He continued: “It was funny, because usually I’ll kind of demo up everything at home, all the songs, and I’ll send it out to the guys, and then they’ll learn the stuff from the demo and then we’ll get together and play. (And then we’ll decide) ‘Maybe it should be faster or slower’ — we kind of noodle around till it feels good in the room. But we weren’t able to do that ’cause of COVID. But now that it’s taken so long, we could have done that. So, I don’t know exactly… This one’s still gonna be a bit of an odd record ’cause it was kind of done all remotely — everything. We’re gonna put out a record of songs that we’ve not one single time stood in a room and played together.”

As for the musical direction of the new OVERKILL material, Verni said: “Compared to the other ones… It’s hard to say. It’s maybe got a little bit more SABBATH-y kind of parts in it, a little bit more doomy.

“I know Colin Richardson‘s gonna mix it,” he added. “Poor Colin. We thought we were gonna do it, and then we pushed him off, and then we pushed him off again, and then we pushed him off again. An we said, ‘You know what? We’ll call you when we’re ready.’ So whenever that’s gonna be, we’ll call him again. But we’re psyched about that ’cause he’s just great. He’s a great mixer and a great producer. So if nothing else, it’ll sound great.”

Richardson previously worked with OVERKILL on 1997’s “From The Underground And Below”, 2000’s “Bloodletting” and 2003’s “Killbox 13”.

OVERKILL singer Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth previously told 69 Faces Of Rock that the band’s new album was tentatively scheduled for an April 2023 release, “followed by a European tour.”

Regarding the sound of the new OVERKILL material, Blitz said: “It’s gonna be hard to figure it out for me until it actually takes shape. It seems a little bit more eclectic for us. It’s riff driven, not rhythm driven. The songs will contain two or three different riffs throughout it — the main (riff) and then two that are kind of secondary riffs, which I think is a little bit unique for us, to be singing over something like that. Heavy, of course. I mean, there’s some sledgehammer stuff on it — that kind of big, thick groove. I think the other side of it is that it shows kind of experienced speed, would be the word. Some of them just take off.”

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