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OCEANS OF SLUMBER announce "dark, cinematic" new album

Release new single "Poem of Ecstasy"

Photo by Zach Johnson


Today, Oceans of Slumber are officially announcing their new album “Where Gods Fear to Speak”, which was produced by GRAMMY nominee Joel Hamilton. Th album will be the band’s debut on Seaon Of Mist. The album’s second single, “Poem of Ecstasy”, breathes new life into the metal scene by remaking a timeless story in their own dark cinematic image. “Where Gods Fear to Speak” will be released on September 13.

Watch “Poem of Ecstasy” below.

The visuals for the “Poem of Ecstasy” video were created by Masaya.

Watch the previously released title track below.

Where Gods Fear to Speak exists somewhere between The Handmaid’s TaleThe Dark Tower and Cormac McCarthy”, Dobber Beverly says. “It’s part science fiction, part western gunslinger with a heavy dash of post-apocalyptic survival”.

Of course, no movie is complete without a compelling soundtrack. “Poem of Ecstasy” splices together so many stand-out scenes that it could spin off as its own mini-epic. We open on frontwoman Cammie Beverly, doing vocal runs in the moonlight cast by a twinkling piano, only to cut from outlaw country to doom-laden power metal and what can only be described as “dystopian grindcore”. 

“Every time you make a new record, you think it’s the best,” Dobber continues, “but ‘Poem of Ecstasy’ is easily one of the best songs we’ve ever written. It sounds like an energetic, pissed-off-band, with enigmatic storytelling and all those magical things”. 

1. Where Gods Fear to Speak (6:25) [WATCH]
2. Run From the Light (5:15)
3. Don’t Come Back From Hell Empty Handed (8:28)
4. Wish (3:53)
5. Poem of Ecstasy (6:33) [WATCH]
6. The Given Dream (3:36)
7. I Will Break the Pride of Your Will (5:27)
8. Prayer (5:03)
9. The Impermanence of Fate (6:20)
10. Wicked Game (5:26)

Cammie Beverly – vocals
Dobber Beverly- drums, piano
Semir Ozerkan – bass
Alex Davis – guitar
Chris Kritikos – guitar, synth

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