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SHANE EMBURY: "NAPALM DEATH will probably begin work on new album in 2024"

Photo credit: Gobinder Jhitter / For The Lost / DARK SKY BURIAL


In a recent interview with IMPERIAL SLAVE vocalist Sam Sheppard for Mammoth Metal TVNAPALM DEATH bassist Shane Embury revealed that he and his bandmates will “probably” begin work on their next studio album in 2024.

Asked about a possible timeline for the recording sessions for the follow-up to 2020’s “Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism”Shane said: “The last record, we started it musically in two stages, and then Barney  (NAPALM DEATH vocalist Mark Greenway) took quite a few days to record his vocals, ’cause we were touring. This one, I think we do a tour in February, maybe. That might be happening. And after that, I think Barn wants to take some time off, which will give me the time to sort of put… I’ve got lots of ideas; I just need to piece it together. And hopefully go into the studio and just kind of experiment.”

In February 2022, NAPALM DEATH released a new mini-album, “Resentment Is Always Seismic – A Final Throw Of Throes”, via Century Media Records.

“Resentment Is Always Seismic – A Final Throw Of Throes” is a partner recording to “Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism”, concluding matters through vital, tumultuous grindcore and shockwave ambience.

The eight-song “Resentment Is Always Seismic – A Final Throw Of Throes” comes with a total playing time of 29 minutes and is available as a limited CD digipak, vinyl as well as in the digital album format.

“Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism” came out in September 2020 via Century Media Records. The band’s 16th studio LP was recorded with longtime producer Russ Russell and features artwork by Frode Sylthe.

Embury will release his autobiography, “Life?… And Napalm Death”, later this month via Rocket 88, an imprint of the established British book production company Essential Works.

Largely misunderstood and widely mocked in their early days, NAPALM DEATH nonetheless became the benchmark for uncompromising extremity, as well as a political force for good. Dismissed by many as a ridiculous noise, NAPALM DEATH became the credible face of extreme art rock, beloved of John PeelNME cover stars and indie music darlings. Embury‘s debut studio release with the band, 1988’s “From Enslavement To Obliteration”, remains a seminal work of raging sonic violence coupled with ultra-credible punk critiques of corrupt politics, capitalist opportunism and societal collapse. The record remains as revered today as it ever was.

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