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NAGLFAR To Release 'Cerecloth' Album In May


NAGLFAR To Release ‘Cerecloth’ Album In May

It has been eight years between releases for Umeå, Sweden’s black metal nihilists NAGLFAR, but despite the wait, the band hasn’t been resting on their laurels. Like any slumbering beast, NAGLFAR has returned with its seventh full-length album, “Cerecloth”, due on May 8. Recorded and mixed by NAGLFAR guitarist Marcus Norman at Wolf’s Lair Studio and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound, the underlying musical and lyrical themes of “Cerecloth” were succinctly and confidently described by guitarist Andreas Nilsson as “the usual death and destruction”.

Century Media Records announce that NAGLFAR has inked a new deal that is extending the long-term relationship.

Philipp Schulte, director of Century Media Records, states:
NAGLFAR and Century Media have a long history and a close bond since 2003 and with the release of the album ‘Sheol’ the band and the label have worked together. We are very happy to continue this great cooperation for future album releases. The time has come: With ‘Cerecloth’, NAGLFAR finally returns! We are stoked to release this beast of a real melodic black metal album from the far North of Sweden. Thank you, guys, for your trust throughout all these years. Stand as one for battles to come.

NAGLFAR states about the re-signing:
There were never any doubts when approached by the Century Media family about extending our cooperation. One can’t ask for a better label and we look forward to unleash ‘Cerecloth’ upon the world.

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