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MYRKUR releases "Valkyriernes Sang" single

New album Spine out October 20


Myrkur returns to her connection with Scandinavian mythology on her ethereal black metal epic, “Valkyriernes Sang”.The song is sung in Amalie Bruun’s native Danish. The single is accompanied by  a visualiser and is taken from her new album ‘Spine’, set to be released on Spinefarm, on October 20th.

Watch “Valkyriernes Sang.” below.

“I wrote this song after diving into different interpretations of the old Norse sagas again, particularly Njál’s saga and the poems about the valkyrier – ‘Spydsangen’ (‘The Song of the Spear’),” she tells. “I have always been fascinated with the figures of Valkyrier in Norse mythology, their power, their role in the battles, in Valhalla and with Odin.”
It’s the latest single from her forthcoming album Spine which sets a new course for the enigmatic composer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. This time around, Myrkur reunited with producer Randall Dunn in Sigur Rós’s Icelandic Sundlaugin studio to negotiate the contrast between the deepest human connection of mother and child, and an increasingly disconnected, alienating world, from pandemic restrictions and isolation to the rise of Artificial Intelligence. It’s Myrkur’s most open yet – Bruun’s pristine clear vocals a hyper-sensitive barometer, finely tuned to states where bliss, anxiety, grief, intimacy and psychic wanderlust co-exist, weaving wide-ranging traces of her musical background into rapt and tantalising new forms. 

Spine sees its release October 20 via Relapse Records on CD, Vinyl, and across all digital retailers worldwide. 
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