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MOONSPELL releases video for 'The Hermit Saints'

[ Moonspell in 2020, photo by Rui Vasco ]


MOONSPELL will release their 13th studio album, “Hermitage”, on February 26 via Napalm Records. The official music video for the disc’s latest single, “The Hermit Saints” is now released.

Watch “The Hermit Saints” below.

‘The Hermit Saints’ unveils even further secrets about our forthcoming album, ‘Hermitage’,” vocalist Fernando Ribeiro says. “Make no mistake: this is a METAL song played according to MOONSPELL‘s own signature and rules.

“This song tells you about the holiness and unholiness of men, about the duality between saints and sinners. It tells of the fever that makes us cross into the desert of our own existences, perpetually looking out for the cure, that will never come until we change our ways.

“Many might go. Few will come back. Lock the gates, behold ‘The Hermit Saints’.”

Watch the previously released video for “Common Prayers” and “All Or Nothing” below.

While the world is struggling in the dark, MOONSPELL‘s forthcoming album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano (PARADISE LOSTPRIMORDIALGHOSTSÓLSTAFIR) at the Orgone Studios in the U.K. Building upon the sensitive facets of “Hermitage”, one can expect an entertaining and revolutionary, yet epic journey through the darkest days of human existence. Beautifully crafted songs such as “The Greater Good” show us the modernity of the wolves in 2021, while other tracks embrace the MOONSPELL tradition of writing a dark, gothic metal record like no other band can. The ethereal and melodic sounds of MOONSPELL, while not straying away from their metal roots — influenced by underground metal bands such as BATHORY — make “Hermitage” most likely one of the deepest, surprising and most epic albums MOONSPELL has ever written.

“Hermitage” track listing:

01. The Greater Good
02. Common Prayers
03. All Or Nothing
04. Hermitage
05. Entitlement
06. Solitarian
07. The Hermit Saints
08. Apophthegmata
09. Without Rule
10. City Quitter (Outro)

+ Bonus tracks:
11. Darkness In Paradise (CANDLEMASS cover; available on LP, deluxe box, MC + mediabook)
12. The Great Leap Forward (7″ vinyl; available in deluxe box)

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