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Dear Mother is the new alternative / metalcore band of guitarist Merel Bechtold (MaYaN, Purest of Pain, ex-Delain) drummer Joey Marin (Delain, Purest of Pain), vocalist David Hruska (Deadly Circus Fire) and . The Netherlands/London based formation has put together 13 songs for their debut album and are ready to enter the studio.

Merel Bechtold states:
Last year I’ve decided to leave several projects to focus on what’s really important to me. I had to make some incredibly hard decisions, but this was the only way for me to focus on my own dreams. I asked myself what music meant to me, what it should feel like to make music. And I came to the conclusion that it was definitely not what I was doing at the time.

But this… this is an exciting fresh start. The whole goal of this band is to make the music we love, without any restrictions. And I couldn’t have dreamt of a better team to do this with. There’s Joey, the little brother I never had and a powerhouse behind the drums; we’ve played together for years, but this is the first time we’ve founded something of our own. And then there’s David, Russian singer located in London who found us after a long search. This guy is just the most amazing vocalist; we had a huge list of requirements and David ticked all the boxes, he just surpassed our expectations. The music chemistry we have is unreal: even though the band is just starting it already feels like we’ve been working together for a lifetime, like we’re family.

To complete the lineup we have awesome bass player Werner Erkelens (currently on tour with I Built The Sky) and Ferry Duijsens, my favourite Dutch guitar player ever. Ferry and I shared the stage in the band The Gentle Storm in 2015, and we instantly clicked.

Australian producer Jimmy Alexander, known for his work with Awaken I Am and Slaves, will be producing the album.

Jimmy Alexander ads:
Seriously, songs are KILLER so far, I haven’t been this excited by a project in a long time!”.

The band is launching their first release through a crowdfunding campaign. The goal to produce the album is € 25000.
Making an album is an expensive hobby. It’s not that we have a label or a rich dad. Luckily, these days musicians and listeners have the chance to collaborate directly, giving fans the power to support bands directly with their passion. We ask these amazing people to support us and help make our dream come true.

To support the band’s campaign, you can find all detail on the band’s website.

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